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Community of Aspiring Pilots

Inspiring young adults to build faith, achieve greatness, and manifest their dreams through a passion for flying!

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Help an Aviation Dream Come True with Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight Training Co. is an award-winning, nationally recognized flight academy located in Fort Myers Florida. They offer FAA approved Part 141 and Part 61 flight training courses for domestic and international students who want to fly for recreation or as a profession.

Justin Swaggerty Aviation Foundation

Justin came to Naples, FL before his second birthday. He grew up enjoying the ocean:  fishing, jet skiing, and boating. Having an unshakable faith and a mischievous smile allowed him to touch and encourage many lives over the course of his short journey here. His peers still speak of the impact that he had on his close circle of friends, including those he worked with while saving money for aviation school. Justin flew a Cessna for the first time right before high school graduation, immediately fell in love with flying, and became a pilot before the age of 20.

Tragically, Justin’s life ended on June 6, 2020, while skydiving in Cheshire, SC.  His death shook our community to its core, as he was loved and admired by so many. It is truly the desire of the Naples family to continue his legacy of love, faith, and passion for success. We know in our hearts it will take off … the sky’s the limit! 


Your financial partnership would catapult us into greatness at record speed. Providing partial scholarships to student who have completed their private license. 

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